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Every year around 150 people die while waiting for a donor organ. Unfortunately the waiting list continues to increase, that’s why the yearly Donorweek want to raise awareness for this growing problem.


People have numerous reasons why they don’t want to register, or not yet want to register as a donor. But an argument from someone else may just have the power to convince you. By focussing on the positive thinkers instead of the naysayers, we had a potential 6 million rich stories to share why they became organ donors.

Concept: Donate your story

As a registered organ donor the chance of actually becoming a donor is minor. The chance your why-story convinces others to become a donor is much bigger. That’s why we focussed on two views: The perspective of the receiver and the perspective of the giver.

Jacintha’s son Mike received a donor heart at a young age.

Maurice tells the story of his friend Martijn, who helped five people by being an organ donor.

Aside from seeding the videos online, we also made alternative 20 second versions for television. To emphasize the power of the stories of Mike and Martijn, we asked their relatives to listen to the audio of the documentary.


Millions of views made people share their own stories on social media as well as with their own relatives. These stories are all valid reasons to at least think about organ donation and make a choice for yourself.


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