Hearing loss at work



Hearing loss is the third biggest occupational disease in the Netherlands. Most of the time people do not recognize the risk. How can we make people more aware and make them act, before it’s too late?


A large part of the working population is not aware of the loudness in their working environment. Exactly how loud is a decibel and at what level of decibels are you at risk of damaging your ears? At 75 decibels, comparable with a kitchen blender, you are already at risk.



To prevent the working population for hearing loss at their work, we tried to provide insight in the mathematical numbers of decibels. A simple way to do this is by comparing the loudness in a working environment to everyday sounds everybody knows will harm.

How does it work?

Using a decibel-reporter, equipped with the right gear, we went to various work places around the Netherlands to make people aware of the sounds in their daily environment. How will they react to it?


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