Elke’s Road to Tokyo 2020



Elke Lale van Achterberg is a 17-year-old girl with a very special story. A story with ups-and-downs, about perseverance and having a positive attitude in life. A story where Elke, after losing her left-lower leg, becomes a runway model but more importantly, a prize-winning wheelchair fencer with a dream of participating the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.


Unfortunately, the Paralympics do not get the same attention and support as the regular Olympics. Therefore, it depends heavily on local sponsors while these athletes need the best of the best. Luckily Frank Jol (one of the in total 3 athlete prosthesis manufacturers in the world) is more driven by his love for sport then money. Despite his love he can only rely on his 20 years of experience and gut feeling, but has limited access to new technologies.


Since Fiat has been creating cars since 1899 it has a tremendous amount of knowledge in mobility and materials. Therefore, Fiat is going to support Elke’s dream in participating the Tokyo 2020 Olympics by helping Frank Jol with the knowledge and technique he needs to perfect Elke’s Fencing wheelchair. By using this technology Frank will not only improve the performance of Elke. But it will also be a huge step forward in the mobility and performance of other disabled athletes. With this idea, we hope to make sports more accessible for all disabled athletes who share the same dream as Elke. Becoming an Olympic champion.


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