What if you become a caretaker



Develop a new campaign to create awareness for the caretakers-advisor of het Zorgcollectief FNV/Menzis (Health insurance).


If you become a caretaker it often happens unexpected. Not only elderly need a caretaker, young people who are sick could also need one. Or people who suffer from a mental or physical lag. And becoming a caretaker is quite tricky to combine with regular everyday life.


To create awareness for the caretaker proposition of FNV/Menzis we made 2 tv-commercials. Not for regular tv, but for the regional channels. Because that’s were you can find the elderly targetgroup. Even though caretaking is hard, the message doesn’t need to come across in a heavy and emotional way. The 2 commercials show us in airy way how difficult it is if you have to choose between everyday life and caretaking. It could happen to anyone.


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